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2015-05-18 19:01:46 by hyenide

i havent logged in in ages

.. nothing's changed..


oh, also.

did a total restructure of my opinons and beliefs with music and art.

so that's new.


... anyone around? anyone wanna talk on facebook because newgrounds hasnt implemented an IM service yet in all of its years on the internet..


2015-02-21 19:35:01 by hyenide

Anyone live there?

.. if you've got it, message me lol
you dont need to be a drummer, just someone with a good sense of rhythm
ddr, beatmania, stepmania, etc dont count lol
well actually maybe


2015-01-24 04:04:35 by hyenide

i only come here like once a month..
is anyone even here?
also, i lost my drive with all my music right after i deleted everything off my soundcloud
fuck me, right?
who's here?


2014-11-20 08:50:57 by hyenide



2014-09-16 04:53:01 by hyenide


so updates i guess

- depressed, lost, etc, as usual. not really an update

- been impulsively getting games lately. i got a PS3, and a bunch of games and silver version and such, so.. yeah. if anyone wants to friend me on there lemme know and maybe we can play some games.

- stuff with Sam/Cory = bad.

- i really fucking want to go home. cali sucks.

- work sucks

- i suck

- got some new tracks up. well, not really, none of them are done, but.. still. anyone wanna hear some WIPs?

- made a new friend. im already too clingy.

- idk.

Cigarette burns and soundcloud

2014-07-15 05:58:01 by hyenide

i've decided to start putting my cigs out on my arm when im done. good method for quitting i guess. LOL.
anyways, so i've got a bunch of new songs, none finished but the main stuff is there, sort of. also i started working with a guy i know and he's got some friends that i might work with too. collabs be fun and educational.

anyways, so the point is...

should i upload stuff as i work on it, including unfinished tracks?
should i only post finished songs?

here be some mostly finished ones, sort of: https://soundcloud.com/beneath-the-willow

[i've got like 4 new things i need to upload]


2014-06-22 04:06:50 by hyenide

i made a soundcloud


i chose my other name cuz i dont want certain people finding me there, i know they lurk there a lot. ugh.
anyways, um.. yeah.






hey look oh wow

2014-06-12 22:55:58 by hyenide

so my laptop is fine, it's all good, im back~
.. yep.


i need to get back into the groove of working on music, anyone have any requests or whatever..? i dunno.


2014-05-17 08:14:22 by hyenide

//pushing other posts down cuz reasons


Hey it's 5:13 am. great.