Entry #1

lonely and not in the mood for music

2014-02-28 00:28:10 by hyenide

i miss Sam like fucking crazy. anyways, so i have the problem of having tons of ideas, but never being able to finish any of them. i can start a song, but then i can't push it to the end, and i end up starting something else, then something else, then something else. and nothing gets done. and right now i just feel sorta burned out. i need some strong inspiration.. ------ would you rather me post lots of half finished songs, or very few mostly finished/actually completed songs? right now i've just got some sorta half done songs up here.


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2014-02-28 00:39:41

push and push for being the best sound... thanks for showing the song, and keep this album on the downlow
rule 1: you do not say this rappers name anywhere on NG or outside of NG
rule 2: you do not share it, it's your diamonds and don't let someone see them.


keep calm and carry on tradition \m/

hyenide responds:

ty ty...


- hyenide