2014-05-17 08:14:22 by hyenide

//pushing other posts down cuz reasons


Hey it's 5:13 am. great.


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2014-05-17 09:55:26

ok, good. do you do flash movies?

hyenide responds:

do i do them?
um, i watch them sometimes i guess. i don't make them. i've been wanting to get into drawing again and animating so i can do my own music animations and stuff but i dunno. why?


2014-06-05 20:37:35

well, you could try making some flash movies. judging from your audio, i think you might be epic at this(flash movie) too... if you practise.

it could be nice.

hyenide responds:

So be honest, what do you think of my songs that I have up here?

Also, for flash.. where would I start..? Should I get a tablet..?


2014-06-08 10:10:39

Lov yer work!!

hyenide responds:

Aha, thank you~<3
Feel free to leave reviews and stuff, I always appreciate feedback.. especially on my music~


2014-06-08 16:55:33

Hey guys, I don't know if anyone will actually see this, but um.. basically my laptop is fried, I'm gunna try to get it repaired soon.. but yeah.. that means I haven't been able to work on music, and I can't even change my news post cuz "this feature is not supported on your device." So.... yeah.