2014-09-16 04:53:01 by hyenide


so updates i guess

- depressed, lost, etc, as usual. not really an update

- been impulsively getting games lately. i got a PS3, and a bunch of games and silver version and such, so.. yeah. if anyone wants to friend me on there lemme know and maybe we can play some games.

- stuff with Sam/Cory = bad.

- i really fucking want to go home. cali sucks.

- work sucks

- i suck

- got some new tracks up. well, not really, none of them are done, but.. still. anyone wanna hear some WIPs?

- made a new friend. im already too clingy.

- idk.


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2014-09-16 04:54:09

I'll be your friend

hyenide responds:

lol, okay.
how are you?


2014-09-17 01:00:36

Samesies ;)