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Bafana - I Am Eternal Bafana - I Am Eternal

Rated 4 / 5 stars

ohhhhhh man
I'm too tired to write out a full review but i liked this very much
lots of 00's trance elements in there
good mixing too
nice mix of synths, got some really unique sounding stuff
good structure

nice man

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100% Done 100% Done

Rated 4 / 5 stars

this is your best track. you work MUCH better when you fuel your tracks with emotion, use that to your advantage.

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AdmiralPopinfresh responds:

Thank you. I'll be sure to keep that in mind :D

Dangers of Time Travel Dangers of Time Travel

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I'm really tired so i'll keep it brief

loving the drums and perc
very good

interesting mood/tone shifts.. uncomfortable.. though i guess that's good because it goes with the track title. good use of overall imagery and mood. though, if that was unintentional, um.. still.. lol

uh.. i hate dutch/dirty house style pitchy whiner synths, so i'm biased and can't comment on yours.

also the mixing thing again [see other review]

and as always,
do what you want and keep evolving.

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U.F.O. [Extended] U.F.O. [Extended]

Rated 4 / 5 stars

good stuff man. i don't really know much about rap so i can't critique that aspect but in general, it's good to me, though the mixing could use a tiny bit of work, but really all songs mixing could use a tiny bit of work, lol.

Also, damnnnn really like the lyrics 'specially at the end. "What alotta people tellin me
I already know
There's alotta people tellin me
I ain't got the flow
There's a lotta people tellin me
I rap too *Slow*
It's a craze, it's a phase
that I'll soon outgrow-
Man, this ain't quid pro quo
I'm a lyrical artist,
I'm a sonic van gogh
I'm just paintin you a picture that you cant control
and I'm unrecognized
Like a U.F.O."

anyways. good track man. and don't let anyone tell you that you can't make it. you got this shit. continue evolving.

NeoAlchemist247 responds:

Wow... That really struck a chord in me, man. It's great to know there are people backin me up.

The lyrics at the end are my favorite, too. They're the original lyrics from U.F.O.- and I think they're a good 50% of why the song got as popular as it did. I only hope that the verse I wrote into the beginning is good enough to equal its predecessor.

Hope you keep listening, bro!


Nightshade Nightshade

Rated 3 / 5 stars

so here's my little review

... I'm really bad at reviews so i'll just list things i like and things i think you could work on.

- i like that your hats and clicks are varied in the stereo field, you've got some mono, some wide, etc. that makes things interesting.

- works great with drums. but you have no drums. i imagine you just left your drum bus off or something before you exported. if you chose not to have kicks/snares [especially with your main drops], i have to wonder why.. i think they'd be a lot stronger with kicks/snares.
[listening again, i think i found the kicks..]

- you've got a good track, just needs the finishing touches. your mixing seems to be a little off, and idk if that's just from it being mp3 or if you just didn't finish mixing it. either way, spend a little more time on that.

- sounds like you used massive for the main bass synths [OR REALLY MID SYNTHS AMIRIGHT?!] one sounds more like reaktor though. that was a stupid joke but anyways, neat synths. make sure to spend extra time working with their rhythm and how they work with the drums. it may help to choose a focal point to help the other stand out.

- i actually really like that arp you've got join'

- listening again, it seems a little over compressed. some nice dynamics go a long way, keep working on that.

- add variation to your drums and synths, even if it's slight alterations throughout the track

and please for the love of music, know that my opinion is my opinion. this is your work, and it should be exactly how you want it to be. don't let anyone tell you that your music is bad because it's not the way they like it. people these days are turning into such music elitists.
however, this doesn't mean you should pump out a bunch of half assed over compressed tracks and say "yeah they're how i want them whatever"
put effort and love into your music, and listen to what others have to say. even if you disagree, listen, and you'll learn something. doesn't mean you have to change anything.

so tl;dr - okay track, could use work, but if you think it's good as it is, leave it be, it's up to you.

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AdmiralPopinfresh responds:

Just thought you should know that this the best constructive criticism I have ever received, not only because of in depth details of what you liked/didn't, but I never felt attacked at any point in reading your review. Thank you for actually taking the time to not only write it all out, but also for being so constructive. :D

Black Panther Black Panther

Rated 4 / 5 stars

ohhhh man as soon as it started.. just.. nice.. fffff
reminds me of Reso, and even Goldie in a way. nice crisp drums, soft pads..
oh man the drop just came around
ugh this is really good
Downloading this and sending it to my friend right now

/may wanna bring down that riser a bit though

hm.. that synth starts rea- ohh nice drums
/im typing as i listen

sweet track

nonono1 responds:

Sounds like Goldie alright.

Yeah the riser is a tad high, I'll get right on that.

Snowmageddon Snowmageddon

Rated 4 / 5 stars

nice... lovin' the light acid synths and monophonic shenanigans. reminds of of... some sorta Reso/Aphex Twin mix.. sorta..

Good stuff.

fado580 responds:

Thanks, I used Massive and Chipsounds to design some of the synths and spent more time doing that than actually writing this one. Glad you like it!